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Growler will probably be able to go into more detail for you, but a couple things jump out at me. Bomber's urine is rather dilute at 1.021, when normal is typically above 1.035. As well, a ph of 5 is quite acidic (normal is 6.0-6.5), but since ph fluctuates throughout the day, a one-time test doesn't really tell us too much. If it was consistently coming back around 5, that might be something that needs to be addressed. Urine that is too acidic can be a risk factor for the development of calcium oxalate stones.

Back to the USG. Has Bomber been drinking more lately? Has he had blood work done recently? Whenever an older cat gets a UTI and the urine is dilute, I'd want to know why. Kidney or hyperthyroid issues can be a factor (diabetes would be another one, but there isn't any glucose in Bomber's urine so that's less likely). If it's been a while since he's had a senior blood panel done, I'd recommend it when he goes back for his UTI re-check.
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