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Bomber is sick

Bomber has been urinating outside the litter box for a couple of weeks now and in the beginning I thought he was just following in Tabitha's footprint and copying her bad behaviour. (although she has been really good with that latley! as long as there are no doggie beds she wont pee!)

Well after three attempts to retrieve urine we finally got a sample today.

He said Bomber has lots of blood in his urine. After discussion with the vet he thinks it either an infection, bladder stones or a tumor...:sad:

He prescribed Zeniquin 25mg once a day for 20 days and then re check the urine to see if there is improvement.

Maybe someone can explain the urinalysis resulsts or what some of the figures mean?

Collected by Cystocentisis

Color - Red Brown
Marked Cloudiness
Specifiv Gravity 1021
PH 5
Protein 2+
Glucose Normal
Ketones Neg
Urobilinogen Normal
Blood 5+

Sediment Exam
Flocculent after Spinning

RBC's 3+
WBC's occ
Tran Epith 1 sheet

Cocci 1+
Fat 1+

Stick done after centrifuge

Now its only been a few hours since I gave him the first pill and he seems to be a little tired. I also found some vomit but cant be sure if it was him since I didnt witness it. I will see how he is after the pill tomorrow to see if he throws it up????

Tabitha hasnt stopped hissing at him since he got home! she is such a pain in the %$$# sometimes!!

Anyway I am hoping that it is just an infection and nothing more!!

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