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Zoe had a bear penned in the backyard last garbage night. She was barking her wild "I GOT something, and it's something GOOD" bark way at the back of my property. I went out to get her thinking cat, raccoon.....possibly skunk.....then part way into my backyard I smelt the smell.................

I tried to yank on her chain to get her to come in, she wasn't listening to me at all. I had to go all the way out with nothing but a little keychain flashlight and that is when I saw the bear maybe 10 feet from Zoe in the apple trees.
I had to haul her all the way in by her collar.....for me just a bit to close to the bear than I would like to be. Dang hunting hound she is.........braver than she should be.

I called the police, then watching big ben walk down my driveway and waddle up the street checking out garbage cans on his/her way.

I will give you a call when the deer come to the back yard to eat the old crabapples in the winter, maybe big ol'mister moose will make another appearance this winter too. Welcome to the Soo.....!!!
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