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Question: Bichon Frisee

I am looking for medical information on this breed. I own a boy that is 12 weeks old and has had crystals in his urine and blood in his urine microscopically. The crystals have been eliminated by antibiotics and now we are trying a liquid antibiotic to cure the blood (you can not see the blood when he eliminates)

I feel due to this problem, we are having difficulties toilet training him. Any help you could provide would be sincerely appreciated.

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Dear Dana

This sounds like a typical cystitis (bladder infection) or urine infection.
Infection will be responsible for blood and immune cells being in the urine as well as crystals developing in the urine. In my opinion and experience it will take about a month worth of antibiotics and using special foods. The crystals and blood and infection should all slowly resolve with the course of treatment and if all looks good a urine sample should be rechecked a month later. This is the normal procedure but should obviously be monitored carefully and a urine culture and brays may also be necessary.

This condition will definitely affect proper house training and you will need to wait for the condition to clear somewhat before getting frustrated about poor house training.

Good luck. Bichons are great little dogs.

Martin Slome DVM
Centre Street Animal Hospital
Thornhill, Ontario, L4J 7Y3
Tel: (905) 771-9855
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