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Originally Posted by ACO22 View Post
Minus the bear hunting season, bears, including all wildife are much more respect in the North, then back home, which is the South. I mean even down to the road kill. Back home, i swear, there is a deceased animal every km. Here, I have been for 2 months and have only seen 2 deceased squrriels.

You are very lucky. I was born and lived in the Soo for almost 30 years before moving south, and I have to say the treatment of animals sometimes was a bit more lacsadaisical in the north. Less respect for domestic - meaning more drop offs and hunting was a norm for most, although I never could understand why. I am familiar with the woodlot, but when I lived there, there was no sign posted like now indicating what it was. Likely because most of the area around there was still bush land.
Progress happens I guess, even in the good old Soo.
I remember asking my friend what people thought the police could do about a bear sighting, but I guess first thought is to call 911?
How do like the Soo? I imagine it must have been a big change from the south. I personally love the Soo and will likely end up back there in a few years although I no longer have any family there, my friend from grade 2 (sooooo many years) is still there and hopefully we can keep each other standing during retirement.
So this will be your first winter up there. THAT, I do not miss. I have memories of digging myself out the side door of the house after a good storm. Enjoy the town. It is a nice place.
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