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Originally Posted by quincymycat View Post
Hey AC022, I have a friend on the police services in the Sault and she has said they have been getting multiple bear sighting calls as of late. She even found bear scat at the end of her driveway one morning.
Quincymycat, it is not uncommon for bears to come into town or walk across someones lawn. At the college, we have a huge outdoor forest lab, called the Woodlot. We have bears in there. My friend was walking in there one day and came upon a bear climbing a tree. MNR has a program called Bearwise, that handle the bear calls. Although, people do call the police. Minus the bear hunting season, bears, including all wildife are much more respect in the North, then back home, which is the South. I mean even down to the road kill. Back home, i swear, there is a deceased animal every km. Here, I have been for 2 months and have only seen 2 deceased squrriels.

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