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Originally Posted by ACO22 View Post
Well...since moving up to the Soo, I have already seen a black bear. He was a yearling.

So far, we also have had a trip to a bat cave. A nice 6 KM walk into the forest.

I am loving it up here. Am also a northern girl at heart. Just took a few years to get here *lol*

Hey AC022, I have a friend on the police services in the Sault and she has said they have been getting multiple bear sighting calls as of late. She even found bear scat at the end of her driveway one morning. She lives up in the P patch not too far from Sault College (my old alma mater!)
Glad you like the area. I try to get up there every couple of months, but my sick little man here has been putting the shoe on my friend's foot for her to come down here instead.
I love the cross border shopping.
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