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My family adopted a dog from this organization this past summer. We had an excellent experience and can see no reason not to use them again. The paperwork was in order, there was plenty of communication, their adoption fees are very reasonable (compared to some we have encountered), and there was follow up from the volunteers afterwards, to ensure everything was okay on our end.

Our dog came to us in good health and appeared to have been well taken care of while in their care. I agree that it is difficult to adopt a pet sight unseen, but the pictures posted were accurate. I realize that the dog stories are similar on their site, but the volunteers speak English as a second language and it may be easier for them to stick to what is written as opposed to re-writing each time.

Their site is well maintained and accurate as well. We had issues with other shelters that didn't update when animals had been adopted, didn't call or email back after multiple inquiries etc. Some of the dogs we looked at are still listed but we never heard back from the shelters, leading us to wonder how badly they want the dogs to be rescued. The SOS adoption form was reasonable, as opposed to some we have completed that were 12 pages long. Our family was actually treated very rudely and declined by another shelter....because we had made us a bad risk apparently. This despite my children having never known life WITHOUT having dogs and my husband and I being experienced dog owners.

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