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Originally Posted by Macomom View Post
When I posted a picture of myself, no one called the cuteness police!
What are you saying, huh? BenMax, Bendy?
Macomom - we couldn't call the cuteness police for you because they were already on the look out at Bendyfoot's house. Like the animal inspecters, there is a shortage of specialized police officers with this special agenda. I believe that there is only 2 Cuteness Police officers assigned to cover the province. From my understanding they are very busy. See the article below extracted from CTV Cutipies:

"Toronto Cuteness patrol has been called to the house of Bendyfoot on several occassions due to the sightings of far too many cute kids in the neighbourhood. This cuteness overload has caused concern due to people wanting to get a glimpse of the cutiepies and have caused many traffic jams which has caused local merchants to close early during business hours. Also, several parking tickets have been handed out and a small riot was reported in which the Cuteness Police had to call in local police to help keep the peace.

Toronto is now talking of banning all cute kids in order to maintain the peace and also to eliminate any further hardships to those that are not so cute."
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