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Thank you, Hazelrunpack, you've offered helpful feedback. I will absolutely take a fecal sample to my vet to see if she has the capillaria parasite. I will ask about the saline rinse. I believe rhineoscopy would be the next step, actually. It is over my budget, but I am compelled to do that to see if it is something other than the cancer. It's just that she seems to have each and every symptom.

I may be wrong about this, but seems to me that if it were a foreign object, and her sneezing began over 6 mos ago, that after that long time there would be a discharge oozing from nostrils. Also seems like there may be a foul odor from the foreign body's presence for this long. But I will ask my vet about that, since I could be (and hope I am) wrong. I would love it if we could just flush something out!

She has no 'discharge', at this time, nor in the past. She had that nose bleed 2 mos ago, but has been sneezing more than normal for at oleast 6 mos. Snorting also, & now I hear the snortley noise when she breaths, unless she is very calm. Now sometimes when she sneezes, and is inside, I can see there is a whitish snot (I guess) that has splattered the dark wood floor in our home, but it is not a large amount and is not always the case when she sneezes. But nothing dripping or running from her nose.

I will be checking these options. I'm almost afraid to be optomistic and hopeful, yet, I am a bit now.

Thank you so very much for your suggestions and advice!

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