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Hello. I have a boston terrier with the same problems. Started at 6 months. We still don't know what the cause is. I did notice however that late summer to fall she was worse. She eats Go duck food with duck canned. You must try the diet for at least 12 weeks they say, with no treats and only one protein source. I tried the prescription diet, yukk......We shampoo with medicated shampoo and a leave in conditioner. We also tried Atopica for enviromental allergies, it made her sick to her stomach but does work on some dogs. Do the biopsy it could rule out parasites. Do the advantage multi for a long period for parasites as well. As far a allergy tests on the skin, it's very expensive and inconclusive if you ask me. We didn't go that far. We spent a year with a dermatologist vet. It's trial and error and you keeping a log to triggers and times of the seasons. Pardon my spelling, check for sebhorrea, it has a greasy smelly odor.

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