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From what you're describing, yes it seems to me the initial situation where your dog was caught off guard (and probably your Mother as well, Kona would've sensed that) is fueling this reaction to bark/lunge at the bike when he hears or sees it approaching.

What do you do to handle this situation now? Is there a certain time of day that you usually run into this guy?

You mentioned that you did some work to establish dominance with Kona, but what you're describing is telling me that Kona feels the need to protect himself AND his handler. Insecurity, not neccessarily dominance, can make this happen - so even if he feels frightened or unsure about a certain situation and is not positive that you are going to look after him - he will react for the both of you.

Do you have any other friends with dogs? My suggestion would be to set something up for Kona in the same area, with someone riding their bike past both of you with your dog. It is GREAT that the Dalmatian is not reacting; so to practice this with Kona you would certainly want a similiar effect from a friends 'practice dog' - a dog that will simply ignore Kona. Basically, desensitizing him to bikes with dogs running coming up behind you would be a great way to start.

Another thing you want to watch for is Kona's reaction. There is always a point as to where a dog will feel the need to lunge/bark at something else, and we need to innterupt that focus BEFORE it happens. If he's getting to the point where he can lunge on his leash and bark at a passing dog, your corrections are coming too late. You mentioned you don't let him get too close to the other dog, so I imagine what you're doing during this situation is trying to reel your dog in on the leash? If so, you need to learn how to redirect his focus before any of this occurs.

Is there a more open area that bikes cannot sneak up on you that you can take Kona while helping him get over this?
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