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Hello, TinkerMoma. I'm sorry I'm welcoming you to the board under such sad circumstances.

Has your vet tried flushing the nasal passages with saline? Not sure how much he'd charge for a rhinoscopy, but sometimes grass awns or other foreign objects get lodged in the nasal lining and cause chronic inflammation and bleeding. And sometimes a saline rinse will dislodge the foreign body.

I hesitate to bring this next topic up because it's a real long shot, but our Macie was just diagnosed with a worm of the Capillaria species, which is why it's on my mind. One of the Capillaria species evidently takes up residence in the nasal passage, and can cause inflammation, sneezing, and sometimes bloody discharge. I know it's a longshot, but it's a cheap test (fecal sample) if your vet thinks it's a possibility (it's not very common around here, ) It's also a fairly cheap cure--a dose of ivermectin. Might be worth checking into if the worms are more common in your area.

If this is cancer, you'll want to ask your vet about something to keep her comfortable. The drugs available, many of them NSAIDs, can be pretty effective and reasonably priced. If she's really congested, running a hot shower while she's in the bathroom may help loosen her up some. Priscilla developed a lot of secondary infections over the months and antibiotics often gave her a little relief. Again, something that isn't necessarily too expensive. If the leather on her nose chaps from frequent discharge, you can try a little vaseline. And, for nosebleeds, cold compresses seem to help.

Other than that, all I can recommend is to love her up and cherish her. Take lots of pictures. And, most importantly, take joy from every moment you have with her. She sounds like a sweet girl.

Good luck, TinkerMoma. Please keep us posted on her progress and remember us if you have questions or need to vent...we'll be here.
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