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My work takes me away from home all week long, I leave on Monday and do not return till Friday afternoon. Tinker is always so very happy to see me, and in her excitement she sneezes and snorts in exess till I can calm her down. My husband sees to her while I am away and we talk together daily several times. He loves her too, but it is me she misses and yearns for. So my greatest fear now is something may happen while I am away, and that I must pay very close attention to her on week ends, and analyze her condition. I only want to keep her happy and comfortable for as long as possible, and because of that I will not even give her a bath now, she hates a bath. She can be a stinky tinky and I will love her just as much.

This Friday afternoon when I return home, after checking on her, I intend to have the discussion with our vet on how I feel this is best handled. I will first have that talk with Tinker, in our own way. I believe I will be able to tell what she wants me to do. I already feel I know. But last Monday, when I left for work, I was not as enlightened as I am now, after all the internet research I have done. My vet just didn't want to throw all that at me I suppose.

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