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My 8 yr old mixed bred terrior was one in an unwanted litter, and my daughter adopted her. When my daughter married and left home, she became my girl. She has all symptoms of adenosquamous carcinoma. I paid little attention 8 or 9 months ago to her sneezing spells. About 3 months ago she began snorting a great deal, I felt it was allergies. 2 months ago she had her first and (and this point, only, nose bleed). Antibiotics and vitamin K is what the vet gave us and she improved, however I can tell, something is wrong. She not only still sneezes a great deal, and snorts, but I hear the labored breathing like her nasal passages are not clear, and there is now an almost contstant snort-rattle sound she makes in the back of her throat, for lack of better words. She sleeps very well at this point, and I love to watch her rest peacefully and in comfort, as I know this may change soon.

The vet has suggested another x-ray to see if anything has changed, and possibly the exploratory proceedure and biopsy. I have spent the week researching this on the internet and am certain she does have adenosquamous carcinoma, and my heart is breaking.

We cannot afford the treatment, that as I understand, would not buy her that much time, and would certainly traumatize poor Tinker. If we did have unlimited funds, I'm not sure I would want to put her through that for her last years. It changes who a dog is, I feel. They do not understand 'why' when they must undergo such unpleasant proceedures, and feel they are being punished for something. I only want her to, not have this. But if it is the reallity, I want the most comfort, happiness, and normalacy for her that she can possibly have, till it is time.

She is a sweet girl. She lives outside till we are home, them must be in the house with us, and takes every step we take with us. She hates to go to the vet, and would feel abandoned and deserted if I put her through surgery and radiation, which we cannot afford anyway.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to keep her comfortable at home without treatment, till the time to let her go comes? Of course I will have this conversation with our vet, but since I have found this site, I was compelled to ask, as so many have gone through this with their beloved dog children. Any comments will be welcome. And...this will be my therapy as we take this sad journey. Thank you in advance, to anyone who cares to respond.
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