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Smile Introduction and Thanks!


I've been reading this site for about 6 months and just wanted to introduce myself and to thank you guys for helping me and my family create a nice home for our rescue cat, Sunny Boy. We adopted Sunny Boy from our local Humane Society just over 6 months ago. They rescued him from a shelter where he was scheduled for euthanasia. He was their "office mascot" while they waited for a family to adopt him. That family turned out to be us (love at first sight). My husband has been a cat owner before, but for me and my 9-year old daughter, Sunny Boy is our first. We did a lot of research and preparation before we adopted - but we still needed some help. We found it here!

Sunny is a gorgeous 4-year old, three-legged, medium-haired black cat with a ton of purrsonality! We have no idea how or why he lost his leg (and like Sunny's vet said, we probably never will), but we don't think Sunny realizes that he's supposed to have 4 legs (he can 'fly' up and down our stairs with the greatest of ease!) On the whole, he's a very well behaved cat. He's got a few quirks (but as my husband says...don't we all.... ) but thanks to all the information we've found on this site, we've learned to understand him (and I like to think he is starting to understand us too). My husband and I were talking recently.....we've both noticed that Sunny is getting more and more comfortable and he definitely likes his new home. He loves to be petted (wants lots of loving in the morning, even before he wants his breakfast!!) and we are rewarded with lots of kisses and purrs. He has quickly become the boss of our household and we all enjoy spoiling him. He's follows us around wherever we go. He's a chatty fellow who lets us know what's on his mind. When company comes over - he's right there in the middle of everything. We can't imagine why anyone would have abandoned a wonderful cat like him.

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that I'm glad I found this site (heard about it on City TV actually, just after we adopted Sunny). The information on the site and on this forum have been extremely helpful!!!

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