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help my puppy from China??

I am a Canadian living in China and I have serious doubts about my veterinarians accreditation . Anyway I have a 4 month old Labrador and he has a hard red lump on his nipple about the size of a grain of rice. My vet said its an infection and advised me to use this black tar gunk to put on it everyday, im not sure what the stuff is called in English as its all in Chinese. While she examined him she noticed that his belly was hot and his penis bone was harder than usual, and the tip of his penis where his hair is there was some yellow puss. She said he has a cold in his penis and prescribed him Norfloxacin 4 time a day breaking one 0.1g pill up and dividing it into 4 pills. Does this sound normal to you? All I want is the best for my puppy and I hate not having a Western Doctors opinion.

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