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The cold compress against the side of her nose seemed to help some. It didn't get as bloody as usual. But she's having these major nosebleeds when we take her outside and when we feed her breakfast and dinner. It's like certain things set it off. We've tried to be calm and not excite her, I read that any excitement can sometimes make the nosebleeds occur because it tends to loosen the clot. When it happens her nose just gushes blood out of the one nostril and we have to try and keep her contained in one spot, otherwise it becomes a real mess.
I'm going to just have to take it day by day. I don't want to make a rash decision on putting her down. I know realistically it will just get worse but she still likes to eat and she is still wagging her tail and those are the two main things right now that show me she's comfortable. And that's the most important thing to me right now.
Thanks for listening and thanks for the advice!
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