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Every dog will be different, NikkisMom, but according to my notes, we took Priscilla to the U of MN Small Animal Clinic on 18 July 2002 for an evaluation. She had had bloody discharge (mainly during sneezes) for quite a while, but had progressed to actual nose bleeds by then. The only thing they found were inflammatory cells indicative of either a fungal infection or low-grade carcinoma and a suspicious spot on the xrays in a spot not easily biopsied. The nose bleeds got bloodier and more frequent, to the point where she would have one if we tried to take her for a walk. Toward the end, they were daily occurrences, but not all of them were gushers.

She died on 13 September 2003.

I should have been more clear about the compresses. For the next bleed, try applying the cold compress to the snout, rather than the nostrils. The cold will constrict the blood vessels in the nose and help stop the bleeding. If you know about where the tumor is located, target that area for the compress.

The steroids might be contributing to the bleeding, but they probably aren't the cause. These types of tumors are very vascular and bleeding is par for the course. If the steroids are giving her some relief from inflammation and discomfort then I wouldn't discontinue them at this point.

Priscilla was pretty vibrant right up till the end. We let her dictate day-to-day what our course of action would be. The morning of the day she died, we knew it was time--she told us. She was suddenly very lethargic, not interested in eating or life. Still loved to be loved, and would wag her tail, but was definitely not her usual self. We made that dreaded last appt for the afternoon, but true-to-form, feisty Priscilla had other ideas about that, too. She began to bleed out as we were loading her into the car for trip to the vet, so Dr Pam came out to the house instead, and eased Priscilla's passing as she lay under her favorite bush in the backyard.

I know how distressing this is, NikkisMom My heart goes out to you. It's such a hard thing to deal with. Hang in there!
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