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Thank you for the kind words hazelrunpack. Nikki had another bad nosebleed this morning when we fed her breakfast. Her nose was just dripping massive amounts of blood through the one nostril into her food and we had to pull her bowl away because blood was just all over her food and all over the floor. I tried to hold a compress against her nostril but she didn't seem to like it and kept shaking her head.
I'm wondering what to do, I hate to see all this blood, it's just so upsetting. I wonder if you could please tell me what the turnaround time was between when your dog started having nosebleeds and when she passed on? I'm just trying to get an idea of how much time I may have left. I know it probably depends on each dog, but I wanted to find out from other people with their experiences.
She's on steroids to help the swelling around her brain tumor, and she started those pills last week, do you think the steroids are causing these nosebleeds? Or are the nosebleeds just par for the course with nasal tumors?
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