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I'm glad I found this forum, I am not ready to lose my pet but I also don't want to see her suffer and it helps me to understand better on what to expect when I read other's stories about their experieces, so I thank all of you for posting about your beloved pets even though I know it's hard.
My dog is 11 1/2 years old, she's part beagle and part cattle dog. Not sure what type of cattle dog, I've had her since she was 8 wks. old. She's been in fine health until this summer when she started having seizures. The vet suspected a brain tumor because he said that at her age it's rare for a dog to start developing seizures unless it's something serious. Well, we got her on medication, and that did help, but then later she started producing this bloody mucus from her right nostril only. I took her back to the vet and he said he suspected a nasal tumor and to have an MRI done, but he said that there's not much that can be done for nasal tumors. I got the MRI done with a neurologist vet and it did confirm that she did have inoperable and untreatable tumors. One in her left cerebral cortex further back in her head and one on the right side up in her nasal region. He said they were in such rare places that they couldn't even treat them with radiation. Neither vet could tell me what caused these tumors, it could be anything. It's frustrating because there's nothing I can do about it but just keep her happy. The neurologist did prescribe steroids to help alleviate the swelling around her brain tumor.
Well, tonight she had a very bad nosebleed, so bad in fact that it looked like a murder scene in our kitchen. She just kept sneezing and sneezing out blood. We rushed her to the vet and he said this is the next stage with her nasal tumor and that unfortunately nothing can be done except to apply pressure to the side of the nose with the tumor to help control the bleeding. She seems fine though, that's what so frustrating about it all. She's eating fine, even wagging her tail and sometimes even playing with our two cats. I just wish I knew what to expect next, but it has helped reading other's experiences. I guess each one is different and all we can do is continue to love them while we have them and make them as comfortable as we can.
Peace to all our animals and peace to all you loving owners out there.
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