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Hey guys. Timmy is home! The news isn't really too good though, but it's too soon to jump to any conclusions.

He appears to have a partially collapsed lung. It could be from any number of things... they mentioned if the lung was nicked during the surgery it could have caused to to slowly collapse over time... but since he has been sick for the past couple days they felt it was more acute then anything else. Timmy's surgeon had already left for the day but I showed the x-rays to Adam (shelter vet) and he said that the front of his chest does look a bit abnormal.. and it looks like there could be fluid in there. We aren't sure yet but all this could be related to an aspiration pneumonia that didn't really present it's self in a typical way.

I had noticed his breathing was kinda funny when he was sick but didn't really mention it to anyone because i thought I was being paranoid. It really only happened when he was sleeping.

Now it's a waiting game until I can get ahold of his doctor... he is at a bruce springsteen concert tonight () so i might just have to wait until I see him again on Thursday!

All that is important right now is that Timmy is home and already is eating some food and relaxing after a stressful day.

Here are his xrays. My camera is still broken so these aren't the best shots. Also I felt the xrays kinda sucked this time compared to before.

all thoughts welcome ~
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