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Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers for myself and my sweet Snoozie. I have noticed that Snoozie doesn't really smell very well anymore which is why she doesn't have much of an appetite. We had spaghetti for dinner Saturday night and I gave her that for dinner instead of her Science Diet ID which in the past she really liked. It was so good to see her eat every bit of it. I can feel her getting smaller and feel her boney back now. I can put something right down in front of her to eat and she just can't find it. She does still love to roll around on the floor and she loves to chase the cat away from her food bowl. She sleeps a LOT but the vet says at her age that is good for her. She has had hardly any bleeding the past couple of days but I know as before that it will come back again. I need to give her a bath and I keep thinking about the thread I read about the lady who bathed her very sick dog and said at least she'll be pretty when she passes and then her dog passed away the next day. I'm just not ready for her to leave and I hope that her will to stay is strong also. I sure do love my dog.
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