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He finished his FVRCP series over 6 weeks ago.. his rabies shot was.... I think about a week before his surgery? But yeah nothing recently and he had no adverse reactions to any shots.

I'm pretty sure his little infection is gone and just kind of knocked the wind out of him (figuratively).. but as you can imagine my mom is like OMGHEDYYINGGGG 'cause he isn't eating too much. I know antibiotics usually do cause digestive upset, and since he already wasn't feeling well to begin with that this made him worse.

I was thinking of giving Geneflora a try. It comes in a big container and would be good to mix into my cats nightly canned food. Also my mom had a hunk of turkey leftover from her dinner recently and I had been heating that up and mushing it up and water and he LOVEDDDD that. He still loves his treats but more or less has been sleeping about 14+ hours a day... like a typical cat lol

I'm just not used to my little bundle of energy to be so sleepy and not pigging out. I kinda just wanted to hear someone else's opinion so I could say, 'hey look mom so-and-so said blah blah blah' and try and calm this crazy lady down!! lol
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