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Timmy has been lethargic for a few days

Hello everyone. Timmy (my heart surgery kitten) has been lethargic since about 10/2. It was not a really sudden onset but more of over the course of the day he was just kinda like blahh. He hasn't really played much since then.. he's still very alert.. bright eyes... no other symptoms other then a general lack of energy and his appetite isn't what it was before.

I brought him to the shelter early afternoon 10/5 after I had talked to his dr and 'medical team' if you will and they just said that if he wasn't feeling better by monday to bring him in. The only staff at the shelter monday was 1 tech and another veterinarian (not his surgeon). So we took his temp and it was 104.5... tried to give him fluids but of course he put up a fight!

He still is pooping and peeing fairly normally. he was constipated yesterday but he hadn't eaten much other then a couple treats since he didn't want any canned food.

I switched him to Aunt Jeni's raw chicken formula and he's been quite interested in that... but I mean I'm just at wits end trying to make this kitty perk up a bit. The seasons have just changed here and it's gotten quite cold out... and it's gotten colder in my house for sure. I think this may have something to do with it.

He has been seen by his vet twice since he hasn't been feeling well and he's been checked head to toe and no obvious signs of anything. His temp. has gone down and it appears he has just had a minor infection.

He's been on clavamox since last monday and I gave him a penicillin shot last week as well. Overall he's not sick in the way of sneezing or barfing or anything... but just been kinda blahhhh and not as hungry as before. He's not loosing much weight though other then an ounce or two...

Any suggestions?!? he is supposed to go for his followup x-ray tomorrow to see if his esophagus and heart have healed properly from his surgery. They were telling me they may have to sedate him and I really don't want to sedate this cat while he is like this!! His doctor just is saying we really need to wait and see and other then that see how the clavamox works.... but maybe someone has a good recipe to help his appetite and give him a little boost.

thank you!!
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