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Thanks Growler for answering so quickly and sharing so much good knowledge.

Clavamox is a good medicine for my other kitties but for Bandit it gives her severe issues with her stomach both upstairs and down so that is why the Vet suggested the injection first then the Baytril 5 days later. He was hoping the inject would work and so did I since that alone cost almost $50.00. The Baytril seems to be working - there is less bloody urine today (we are on day 3 of it )

Looking at Bandit this morning she seems to be feeling a little better and even ate a little bit of pinnacle and drank on her own this morning I know the pinnalce ocean fish flavor is not the best choice but for now I have to get her to eat something and we will work on moving things over slowly. Poor old girl looks at me with questioning eyes on why so much change all time these days. (I did try and Royal Canin LP pouch this morning but she was not having it )

For the fluids the vet said that Bandit is drinking on her own so she does not need it every day but every other day is good for most cats to start with. He also feels it is too stressfull to do every day so every other is better. I noticed she sneezes, sometimes will sleep for several hours afterwards and it is not absorbed within 24 hours but is gone within the 48. It will travel and settle in her front legs and still be there the day after. I am always careful to inspect her before I give the next session to make sure she is absorbing it. I have lowered the dose on my own to no more than 100 in one session and am checking her skin and mouth and she doesnt appear to be dehydrated.I figure if she needs more later I can give it but giving too much can lead to other problems so better safe than sorry.

The emergency vet did do an Ultra sound everything was good with her bladder (no stones, nothing suspicious) and her kidneys look good for her age and conditions. That is were they found the small liver cyst though but he said they grow over time so she will need a recheck next year to see how it is progressing. When her urine test was done last week there were no crystals and no protein I really wish they would have sent it for culture so that we would know what bacteria we are dealing with though.
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