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Okay yes I have apparently been a member since 2004. I didn't realize that when I posted that I didn't know this forum existed. I was 17. That was 6 years ago. So I completely forgot.
As for the losing weight, yes I would bring my baby to the doctor. I never thought of it like that for my cat. Even though I think of him as family. I wish I'd known about them being able to hide pain before the fact. My mom has owned cats in the past and she was the one that said she didn't think about the weight loss as a major issue, considering his age. He was just acting completely normal, as I said previously. But again, I didn't know they could hide pain that way.
And as for the "eff yourself" comment, I'm not sorry for that. At all. I'm hurting, grieving, extremely upset, and these people are accusing me of neglecting my cat. I just didn't know better. But he was old. And I do realize we probably could have prolonged his life by having him checked out, but how much would it have costed, and how long would it have prolonged it for? We didn't have much money. Enough for a yearly checkup and food.
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