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Originally Posted by sweetgirl_214 View Post
Thank you all very much for the help and words.

Frenchy, it was certainly NOT neglect. We had NO idea he had something wrong with him. This is the first time we've ever dealt with something like this. He went to yearly vet checkups and was diagnosed as fine every time. He didn't start losing weight until after his last appointment. He's had yearly appointments since the day I got him. So do NOT accuse me of neglecting my cat. And I didn't know this website existed. Sure it may be "too little too late", but I'm trying to get closure. And you're certainly not helping. Go eff yourself. I will definitely not be returning to this website.
sweetgirl, i understand that you are grieving for your cat, that is a given. I think the problem people are having is. If your baby (human) started rapidly losing weight wouldn't you rush her/him to the for telling a member here to go eff themselves. that is totally rude and uncalled for. Not one person so far has used foul language and i'm sure there are some that have been thinkng it. As for not returning, that is your choice, but don't condemn a fabulous, generous group of people because the truth hurt.
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