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Just wanted to point out the changes I made to my post while you were responding including the info about hematuria:

Originally Posted by growler View Post
How soon after the Covenia was the baytril and buprenex given? When needed Covenia can be readministered 14 days after the 1st shot to provide longer treatment period.

Some sites say Baytril is contraindicated for cats with kidney disease but has been used for kidney infections and there is a risk of retinal problems including blindness, Buprenex is also contraindicated for cats with kidney disease and those with liver issues as it is metabolized by the liver

I would speak to the vet about using an ACE inhibitor such as benazepril in combination with the amlodipine instead of baytril or buprenex. ACE inhibitors relax the blood vesses making it easier for the heart to pump blood throughout the body reducing hypertension. Proteinuria (protein in the urine) generally is reduced after 2-6 weeks of amlodipine therapy, so it make take some time yet before that is completely cleared up.

Hematuria is blood in the urine which is generally caused by either infection or high blood pressure, meds for hematuria that are not condraindicated for kidney issues include Clavamox and the aforementioned Covenia
Over eating when not on the HyperT meds is a symptom that the condition is not controlled. If she is not eating anything with 5mg I would say IMO she's getting too much at right now and should have it stopped then restarted at a lower dose then increase slowly.

It sounds like Bandit does definately have a urinary infection, I wonder if she has crystals and/or stones too? Did the ER do xrays or an ultrasound?

Did your vet give a reason why he's against doing 100 per day?

Some vets adhere to the thinking that too much fluids when not needed will make the kidneys work harder than they need to, but halving the amount and giving more frequently shouldn't be an issue.

When you give 150-200mls is the fluid completely absorbed within 24 hours?

I would say in light of the issues Bandit is having peeing to go ahead and give 100mls per day
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