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Originally Posted by sugarcatmom View Post
One of our members, growler, will probably be your best source of advice since she has a kitty with CRF, who was also hyperT at one point. I'll pm her a link to this thread, but in the meantime, some questions for you:
What does Bandit normally eat?
Do you know what her urine specific gravity is? What about some of her other lab values, like blood phosphorus and calcium levels?
Is she on any medication for the kidney issues now?

I agree with your decision not to give such a whopping amount of subQs all in one go. Even if you can just do 50ml once or twice a day, that would be way preferable to the 200ml in one session. I'm kind of surprised your vet recommended that for a cat with hbp. As for the heart issues, it's entirely likely that it's related to the hyperthyroid. Is it possible to start her on a lower dose of methimazole? It's frequently the case that vets start cats on too high of a dose. If you haven't checked out the Feline HyperT Yahoo group, I recommend doing so. And there's lots of good info at this site as well:

Thank you for replying. Bandit was always a fancy feast girl with dry science diet (that the vet recommended). In the last 2 years we switched to Royal Canin dry and the fancy feast. In August the vet recommended a renal maintance diet of Iams or hills neither of which Bandit would touch. Last week I ordered Royal Canin LP pouches that she was scarfing up until we started the thyroid cream now she will not even touch her all time favorite Gerber stage 2 baby food.

Bandit is only on the Subq's for her kidneys- nothing else.

I did ask about her other values and the vet said her phos and calcium were all in the normal ranges and do not recall if he said anything of the urine gravity. I was kind of ticked off that they did not send her sterile specimen to the lab to be cultured for bacteria since that is the reason for her visit (bloody urine). He said there was too much blood in it for them to culture but no protien was in there.

Re the dose of thyroid med he said that 2.5 was the lowest and we started with a half a tablet a day which did nothing so he upped it to the full tablet cut in half and given am and then pm but that was too much.

I also looked through Growlers thread were there is lots of great info, I wish my kitty did not have so many other issues on top of the CRF. I have always tried to take the best care for her and did everything the vet said to do (including annual vaccines which now I regret)
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