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16-year-old cat in serious pain?

My 16-year-old cat, Pumpkin (who I got when he was 6 weeks old), began losing weight a few months ago. He went from a big, healthy cat, to scrawny and very boney. He still acted like himself, catching rodents, bunnies and birds (a squirrel not long ago, even). Then the other day he began vomiting every 30 minutes for 2 hours, would get up, move a couple feet and flop down on the floor. When anyone tried offering him food or water, he'd get up, walk away and flop down again. Not long after that, he started howling/crying, especially when he moved, or when we moved him. He urinated where he laid, and just laid in it. His breathing became fast and shallow, he was cold. He wouldn't move, but he tried stretching out. We tried warming him up with hot water bottles and towels. His crying/howling got louder and more frequent. He tried sleeping. He was drooling consistently. Any ideas what might have been wrong with him? We ended up having him euthanized, because he seemed to be in horrible pain. He was my first baby, and a major part of our family.

My daughter Grace, mom's cat Ty, and Pumpkin
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