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CRF, HyperT and HBP in my 14 yr old kitty

14 years ago a little kitten in a petstore caught my eye. She was a scrawny little thing, all alone and crying in small little cage. I asked the clerk if I could hold her, when I looked down at her she reached for my face and captured my heart. We took her home and named her Bandit.

My little girl has had a rough few past months and I am looking for some advice. Bandit was dx with CRF 3 years ago and was holding her own without any meds until this August. Blood work from August showed that Bandit had hyperthyroid 2.5 mgs of oral methimazole was prescribed and it has been down down hill ever since. Within the 3 weeks Bandit had lost almost 2 pounds and her kidney values increased so off meds she went and subq's began to try and bring her numbers down. In the mean time I noticed her eyes were blood shot all the time and bloody urine. Urine specimen was done came back negative but not cultured as the vet thought initially was it highblood pressure so 1/4 tablet of amlodopine (she has been on this for one week and I have noticed her blood shot eyes are gone but the blood in the urine is still there and she is peeing all over the house). Since Bandit is hard to pill the vet recommended a shot of Convenia®. That did not work so now we are trying Baytril and buprenex injections to ease her pain. Tuesday's visit to the vet now heart murmur and gallop rhythm and a small cyst on her liver making her no longer a candidate for the radio active iodine therapy that I wanted to do all along however the specialist that does it said she had to be on meds first. We are now trying transdermal methimazole 5 mgs which I have given her for the last 4 days and anorexia seems to be returning again as she has refused to eat all day but had a good appetite before we started the cream earlier this week.

It feels like I am running out of options here. I love her so much and want her to be better but nothing seems to be working.

Here are her numbers from last saturday

Bun 53 (ideal per the vet is below 34)
Creatinin 3.1 (ideal per the vet is below 2.3)
Thyroid 5.6 (don't remember what he said ideal was there maybe below 3)
Her last weight was 8.50

Her bp was up to 200 but has come down to 150 with the amlodipine (vet said it also could be down lower at home- stress could throw it off by up to 30 points)

I am worried about what the vet recommended for her Subq's. 150 to 200 mls ever other day in one sessions seems a bit too much for her to handle so today I only gave her 50 ml's in the am and we will see how she feels tonight...I may give her another 50 mls before bed. I also really do not want to give her that cream anymore. :sad:

Any thoughts from anyone?? Sorry so long but I just dont know what to do anymore.
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