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I am so sorry for all your trials, all the sadness, I honestly couldnt read this whole thread. I had so much trouble reading all the sad sad stories.

I had Spot, I had her 17 years, and she dever gave a sign of illness, until the day before I took her to the vet for her final sleep. Some people ask why I didnt do more, but it was so painful for her that I just wasnt willing to allow her to hurt like that, never again. She started having seizures, and like I said no sign before of an illness, the doctors said that they though she was completely overrun with bone cancer, and would never have tested her given how amazingly healthy she was before I took her in.

I feel for you all. I will send a candle down the river on halloween night, to pay respect to the all the animals gone over the bridge, carry a message to them. (Might sound silly, but their spirits wander more on halloween

R.I.P to all of them. R.I.P to Spot.
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