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Arthritis in cats


My cat Tommy Cuddles has what appears to be sever arthritis. Especially in hind legs (hips). his behavior has really tailed off and all he does is sleep. he barely eats and only poops once every 2-3 days. This is probably a product of lack of food intake. We end up syringe feeding every night. He also has crf (diagnosed 4 years ago), but the crf has not worsen since diagnosis. he also has a heart murmur, high blood pressure and intestinal enteritis. At one point 6 years ago he was 15 pounds. He is now hovering around 6. He looks very thin and in pain. Medications he is on include: Amlodopine, zantac, dexamehtosone, adequin and metazapine. nothing seems to work in getting him to eat. He has been looking miserable and feeling miserable for a while now and we are trying everything. Any thought and suggestions would be very helpful.

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