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A hero becomes a sweet friend....

Over a week ago in the hero category, I had posted a brief recount of a "mystery kitty" who has chosen to befriend my dog and I.

This post is a continuance of this recount....I am so touched by this little kittys' attention and enthusiasm, that I wanted to share this with other pet lovers. It has now developed into a "pet story."

When my dog and I leave our house for our walk, this little kitty perks up, and gallops after us to then stand by my side, and bump noses with my dog.
On our return, she (kitty) follows us to the front door, and plops down at my feet on the pavement, to roll around on her back while purring loudly.

Whether or not her motivation to be around us is driven by curiosity, hunger, boredom, or something more abstract, I am thrilled and flattered that this sweet girl feels safe and comfortable enough to stay near, and show great affection...

Rock on, little kitty - you're the
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