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Originally Posted by rainbow View Post
So 256MB of RAM is not very much. :sad: The last comp I had only had 32MB and I never got the low on virtual memory message.

And, when I bought this one the guy said that 256MB would be pleny for just doing emails and surfing.

Btw, I no longer get that message with this comp anymore so was it okay to change the size of the virtual memory like I did? ....
When did you buy your computer? Which operating system and programs were installed on it at the time? Which operating system and version of programs do you have now? Do you have the latest version of java and adobe flash? Those two are also energy eaters...

And yes, it was okay to change VM - it means your computer has more space to put stuff in cache, which will make loading of things easier (it relieves a bit of the stuff that the computer needs to do to perform an action).
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