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Oh please do L4H.....I am a firm believer in raw feeding. And I truly believe that many cats would be much better off on a raw diet (or atleast grain free canned foods). But our vets are not getting the right education when it comes to our felines health. Their pocket books want to be filled by the pet food industry. It's sad - because so many kitties are suffering due to this lack of understanding. Unfortunately I was naive and listened to my vet for too many years feeding that crap without getting rid of my kitties issue. It always came back. I finally did my research on feline nutrition and feel I am feeding the best diet for my kitty. Many members on this forum (including you) have helped me understand my cats needs nutrition and health wise) much better then my vet ever did. Needless to say I got rid of this longtime vet over a year ago. And I have to say it was the best decision I have ever made regarding my cats. They both are much better off for it. I have found 3 wonderful vets that actually care about my kitties and not just their pocketbooks. (ooops - sorry for rambling )

I have been raw feeding for a year and his diarrhea has not come back once and he has the most beautiful, shiniest soft fur ever. He has not had this since he was very young. Many people have been commenting on healthy he looks.
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