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Well he has a sensitive stomach??? That's what the vet called it for years and fed him vet prescribed food forever. He had diarrhea and explosive stools for many of those years. The vet gave him medications as well but the diarrhea always came back. I honestly think it is the raw diet that got rid of his diarrhea. Because I was not giving him the Prozyme when I first started raw feeding. I would tell her to start off very simple with more bone then normal. And once his stools are more firmer for a while then start on her own meal plan. I started off with Urban Carnivore Whole Chicken carcass patties - nothing else. Once I was sure his stools were firm I started making my own raw diet. After about 7 months I consulted with my holistic vet that advocates raw feeding and we decided to add Prozyme as he was having pencil thin stools. This would help him digest his food better. I also have to add in more fibre veggies to help bulk his stools up. I guess after all the years of having diarrhea problems have weighed on his digestion. But he is doing really well on this raw diet. I just have to tweak it to help him along
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