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You all sound like you have dogs with anal gland secretions - yes. Should you try this yourself - no. Not unless you have been shown by your vet how to do it properly. The last thing you want is to try to do it and do it wrong and injure your dog (or yourself). Most vets will gladly show you how to do it. Many grooming studios will do it for you also at minimal charge. I have had the glands removed on one of my previous dogs are they were constantly discharging and causing health issues for the dog - the surgery was done while another surgery was being performed. This surgery is not without serious risks to the dog and not without some serious $$$$. The anal glands will generally secrete small amounts when your dog defecates and in most dogs will not become a problem. So in some ways diet can be a cause if the dogs stools are too soft to express the fluids naturally. Hope this helps.
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