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i have a cat that is going throu something like that,but know what the problem is.About a month ago he tried to cough up a hairball but it got caught.Took him to the vet and had it removed.a few weeks later he keep throwing up and unable to shallow anything,found out that his throat was damge a bit and scar tissue has added up closing his throat for him not able to swallow anything.The vet said it be 800 to fix him and another 400 the second time for the fix if he needs it.But i dont have the money im flat broke and trying everthing i can to help him.Its been 4-5 days now and he is getting weaker by the second im going to try liquid diet but not sure what to use.And not even sure if he can get that down till i found a way to pay for the fix.But you might want to check that out.but what you said im not sure it be that but it is a thought.
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