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Originally Posted by clm View Post
one out of 10. How sad is that. Chances are they paid somewhere between 500 and 1,000 dollars for the cute puppy at the pet shop or byb to start with and once they decide to get rid of it, it's not worth spending a cent on.

Those that really love their animals and there is no solution are the ones that usually offer a donation. The majority of people who abandon their animals usually have a gun at your head using the old 'if you don't take it now, it's going to the pound'. You know that you are not going to see anything from these people.

My opinion on surrendering to either a shelter or rescue it is only curteous to provide somesort of donation. Every darn penny helps (it truly does). If these same people had to have their animals euthanized it would cost quite a bit. If they are willing to save the dog, then the classy thing to do is give a donation.
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