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Originally Posted by Sammi028 View Post
As some of you know, I have been having problems with my 2 year old Silky Terrier and as I have been back with him for 3 weeks I am seeing alot of the problems my mom is talking about. My 2 year old cousin was here and she wanted to see him so i was holding him and as soon as she came near him he bit her hand! I have never seen him do something like that ESPECIALLY with me holding him. We have kids over all the time and we can't have him biting them, so I have come to the decision to find a new home for him. He is really a good dog in small crowds, but as soon as too many people come into the picture he starts misbehaving. I would like for him to go somewhere where people want to take good care of him and he will be able to run around outside alot (his outside is confined to a porch and it's really not good for him) with someone who wants to train him and play with him. He does not like little children AT ALL!!! Someone please help me.
I agree with the others. It really doesn't sound like this dog has had much instruction in the way of how to handle children.

I have a 1.5 year old daughter and you will NEVER see her running at a dog, or pulling their tails/ears/hair. She knows the word 'gentle' and we've even taught her to blow kisses at animals instead of allowing her to actually physically put her face near a dog like she would LOVE to do. On that same note, any dog that comes into our home is immediatley 'desensitized' to touch. While we don't let children do this, we ensure that if they ever WERE tugged on - (even by a vet or groomer) - there will be no reaction. We go so far as to even pull gently on their tounges inside their mouths, as well as running our fingers along their gums.

Have you considered that his 'biting' may have been more of a territorial/protective thing towards you rather than trying to be physically aggressive towards the child?

It is YOUR families responsibility to keep this dog and to teach it how to react near children - and to teach anyone coming into your house how to handle your dog. Period.

Please don't fail this dog again - take it to a rescue.
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