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I agree with CLM and Love4himies. This dog is behaving like this for a reason. And as an owner, it is your responsibity to figure out why. I noticed in your orginal post, that after 3 weeks, you were back with him. Do you go away lot?

This is one of the reason why I loved working for the humane society where I used to live. Every dog/cat that came in, but had behavioual issues would be worked, to see why the animal acts the way that it does. We have a animal behaviourist on staff, who works with animals that need a little extra love/trust.

This is one of the reasons, why we have dogs like yours in our shelters. People who do not properly train their dog, excerise their dog, enough bonding time, attention. Then can't take it anymore and want the problem off their hands, so someone else can deal with it. All without blinking an eye. And it is the dog that pays the price. All because of irrresponible owers.

Then turn around and cry and moan that your dog was put down..I mean yes it is awful and shouldn't happen, but really it is the owners fault as to why the dog has to be pts. And you can't adopt a dog out that has a bite history. Then it would be a public safety issue.


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