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Originally Posted by Sammi028 View Post
So how do I find a rescue that I don't have to pay for? We can't afford to pay to put him somewhere.

He has bit her before and he wasn't being held that time, he growls at and bites at any little kid that comes over here and he sometimes nips out at adults too.
OK, I've been biting my tongue here, but it's not working.

And just what have you been doing to work with this dog and his nipping and growling.

You are the caregiver for this dog. It's your responsibility to find a safe new home for it if you are not willing to work with the dog and his temperment issues. If you have to pay to surrender it to a rescue then find the money to do that if need be. Period. It's a one time investment to give this poor dog the chance to continue to live instead of surrendering it to a shelter to be put down. You owe that to this dog.

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