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I try to tackle this one Rainbow.

Ram is used by your pc to process applications. It is not were your pictures or music files are. They are stored on the hard drive itself.

As for virtual memory is a different type of memory. It is used when running a pc but only a small portion of it. When you RAM is almost all used up then your pc will use virtual memory.

If you have 256mb of ram then that means you have a very small amount and that would make your system run slow. Having said that there are 2 slots inside your computer so youo couls slip ram in to increase it. You can either buy another stick of 256mg to make it 512mb or perhaps by 2 sticks of 512mb to increase it to 1GB. Sometimes though your system cant always handle the larger amount.

So the more RAM you have the faster your pc runs and the less virtual memory is used to help you navigate around your system.

Heres an explanation from Yahoo:

RAM : Random Access Memory
Programs and features will use this to store tiny amounts of data and remove them again constantly, and real quick. The more RAM the better the pc will perform.

Virtual Memory would be your HDD (Hard Disc Drive).
The Harddrive in your computer on whitch Windows itself will be installed, and everything else on the computer. The more virtual memory, the more you can save. Meanwhile the more virtual memory, the longer it will take to de-fragment!

Rainbow if you have your bill of sale and it says what kind of ram you have I could check and see what i have.??

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