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RAM and Virtual Memory

As some of you know I was having problems with low virtual memory and ended up with the blue screen of death and couldn't get online ....

I finally managed to get my comp to work but I'm still confused. After googling and reading several diff websites I changed the size of the virtual memory by going into the control panel. The initial minimum size was 384MB which I left as is and the maximum size was 768MB which I changed to 1152MB. I read that you can increase it to 1 1/2 times the size but would like your opinions as I don't want to end up screwing something up.

Also another thing that confuses me is when I go to My Computer and right click on Local Drive "C" and click on Properties it says this:

Free Space 62.5 GB
Used Space 8.86GB
Capacity 71.4GB

But when I go to All Programs click on Accessories, System Tools then System Information it says this:

Total Physical Memory 256MB
Available Physical Memory 86.30MB
Total Virtual Memory 2GB
Available Virtual Memory 1.96GB

What's the diff between space and memory?

And, yes (cuz I know Chris will have an answer), I know that my personal head space and my memory are empty.
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