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Thanks guys!!!! I sure hope it's not the monitor going bad on a four month old laptop! But I'm afraid that's what it might be. When it appears, the box never moves and is always in the same place. Hopefully the basic warranty will cover it at least. The downside is that means they usually have to ship it back to HP for repairs and that takes about a month, or at least that's been my experience in the past when related to hardware issues. I'm going to try reinstalling the video/display drivers just in case and if it still appears, then I'll have to take it in.

I've never had a monitor go bad on a laptop, so this is all new for me! Usually my laptops always last me exactly three years before the CPU or fans start dying. There hasn't been any liquids spilled or damage done to this laptop so no reason for the monitor to have issues. Frustrating! Oh, and I keep it on a cooling mat with 6 fans at all times.
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