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Thanks for all of the replies!

The dog that I posted about then had another potential adoptee a lot closer to home, so she went to them. I thought that it was better for her. However, I'm in touch with the same rescue and they have another dog they're trying to adopt. I'm determined to rescue a dog, but the shelters in my area don't have any small dogs (I need a small dog because I already have a 7 lbs. furbaby who's scared of big dogs). I'm trying to transport him up here through volunteers. No airlines ship dogs up here, but like some of you said, I'm sure it would be stressful on the dog and it's just not fair to him/her. There are quite a few success stories on Acme about dogs transported through volunteers, do any of you have any experience with this? Would you recommend it or do you think it's too risky? I just want what's best for this little guy.

Unfortunately, I can't fly down to Idaho to pick this little guy up. My parents (I'm only fourteen, but my parents are very involved in this process and want a little rescue, I'm just the one trying to coordinate everything that's through the internet) aren't very willing to fly to pick it up because of the cost. They are completely willing to pay for the costs of having a dog and we're aware of the responsibility, we've had our baby for 3 years, it's just that they think that 600-700 dollars for the initial cost of a dog is too much, especially since the majority of the money won't be going to a shelter, but rather an airline. This little guy will get a forever home, even if it's not ours, his life isn't at risk. All of us would just really love for our home to be the forever home.

Anyways, thank you for all of the advice, it's greatly appreciated.

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