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Thumbs up Puppy training: Progress Update

Originally Posted by Bailey_ View Post
Keep us posted on their progress, and we love pictures!
I just have to say thank you for your comments and suggestions once again and provide an update to you all.

Well ... the boys have settled down a lot since we started crating them. YAY!!! When I brought it up to the finace again, he was reluctant because he thought they would be crated indefinitely. Once I explained it again, then he was a bit more agreeable and now even he sees the difference in the boys. They did whine for the first two nights but know the routine now and Connor goes into his crate at night by himself, Fergus still needs to be put in. (Mr. Stubborn).

Unfortunately we haven't been able to take them for walks separately. I've not been well the last few weeks and my partner and the kids have been doing their part to help but the current situation doesn't allow for us to take them out separately. However, they have calmed down a great deal and are not the extremely jumpy excited puppies they once were when they see people and other dogs. Plus they are getting older. (Almost 5 mths old - new pics will be posted tomorrow once I get them brushed out and looking all pretty again.. hehe).

FERGUS - the excited pee-er:
Well.. now this is our lil trouble maker. Fergus is the more excited pup of the two and most mischievous. He loves garbage and loves to dig, rip and shred. Since we've implemented some of your suggestions, Fergus has now resorted to lifting his leg and peeing on either Connor or the edge of the sofa and he even lifted his leg and peed on a friend of the family. The girls were very embarrassed and scolded him, letting him know that was not acceptable. Another incident Fergus "had" was that he walked into my room while I was sitting on at my computer with Connor laying at my feet (his new favourite thing to do no matter where I am) and stood there staring at me then peed and ran out of the room. Fergus does listen, but he is still trying every which way he can to be the boss as I suppose he knows he isn't. He doesn't do the excited tinkle as often as he used to, but now he has resorted to leaving big puddles on the floor.

CONNOR - Mr. Humpalot:

Well Connor boy, doesn't hump any other dog now other than Fergus and it's not very often. He will let Fergus know that he is boss and they do play fight quite a bit. What he's resorted to doing now is going into Fergus' crate and laying down. It's kinda funny, because he is so much bigger than Fergus and looks way to small for Fergus' crate which is smaller than his. They both go into each other's crates, but when it's bedtime Connor goes into his own.

I know they have both progressed from where they were. Now it's just to get Fergus to stop the "spiteful" peeing (so it seems to us). Love the boys to death and can't wait till they see their first snowfall. The leaves are already falling and they are having a ball playing in the small bundles. LOL.

Will keep you all posted and look out for pics of them tomorrow.
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