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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
But it is the cat who will be the loser :sad: Plus, they can just get another and it will start all over again.
I agree L4H. :sad: It's not fair for the cats, BUT something needs to be done, not only because these cats are a nusisance to a few of us (I'm referring to the neighbor cats beside us, the neighbors behind us are irresponsible but I know they will bring their cat inside after they are done just adds to the frustration of the other cats) - but because it is totally UNSAFE for these cats to be wandering the way they are. One of them doesn't even have a left eye anymore! Our neighborhood is very close to the main highway, not to mention in a very busy area with main streets close by.

I don't know what to do but to turn to the city at this point, and I'm HOPING if they see on paper how much they could be fined that it will motivate them to keep their cats on their property. I just don't know if this is enough.
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